AzureCopy Go now with added CopyBlob flag

Azurecopy (Go version) 0.2.2 has now been released. Major benefit is now that when copying to Azure we can use the absolutely AWESOME CopyBlob functionality Azure provides. This allows blobs to be copied from S3 (for example) to Azure without having to go via the machine executing the instructions (and use my bandwidth!)

An example of copying from S3 to Azure is as simple as:

azurecopycommand_windows_amd64.exe  -S3DefaultAccessID=”S3 Access ID” -S3DefaultAccessSecret=”S3 Access Secret” -S3DefaultRegion=”us-west-2″ -dest=”” -AzureDefaultAccountName=”myaccount” -AzureDefaultAccountKey=”Azure key” -source= –copyblob

The key thing is the –copyblob flag. This tells AzureCopy to do it’s magic!

By default AzureCopy-Go will copy 5 blobs concurrently, this is to not overload your own bandwidth, but with Azure CopyBlob feature feel free to crank that setting up using the –cc flag (eg add -cc=20) Smile


3 thoughts on “AzureCopy Go now with added CopyBlob flag

  1. Hello, thank you for providing this tool.
    While trying this new azurecopy, I got below error. Could you please help with this?
    $ azurecopycommand_windows_amd64.exe -list “”
    Error message below:
    time=”2017-05-09T09:55:48-07:00″ level=fatal msg=”ERR OpenFile open \\: The system cannot find the path specified.”

    • And I try with below command got 403 error.
      $ azurecopycommand_windows_amd64.exe -list -source=”” -S3DefaultAccessID=”S3 Access ID” -S3DefaultAccessSecret=”S3 Secret Key” -S3DefaultRegion=”us-east-1″
      ERROR MSG:
      time=”2017-05-09T09:58:17-07:00″ level=info msg=”&{ 0xc042039200 0xc0421304f0 }”
      time=”2017-05-09T09:58:17-07:00″ level=fatal msg=”Unable to get S3 buckets%!(EXTRA *awserr.requestError=AccessDenied: Access Denied\n\tstatus code: 403, request id: D5DD295380FB0B6F)”

      • Hi

        Just a couple of things, are you 100% certain that your AccessID and AccessSecret are correct?
        Also, I notice that the double quotes around the example string you’ve pasted don’t quite look correct. They appear to be the character ” instead of ” . Can you retry your command with definitely using regular double quotes?



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