AzureCopy 0.15 out!

Another day another version of AzureCopy is out (usual github, nuget, command links)

This version has dependencies updated to the latest and greatest (AWS Client lib, Azure Storage lib etc). One drawback to the updating of the AWS client lib is that now whenever we’re copying to/from S3 we need to supply the AWS Region the account is linked too. I haven’t found a way to programmatically do that (yet) so for now the regions have to be entered into the App.config (or equiv).


So 3 new paramers:

AWSRegion (eg. “us-west-1”).

SrcAWSRegion (source specific version)

TargetAWSRegion (target specific version).


I’ll try and remove the need to know this as soon as I can.


The other change is that copying between different Azure accounts now works properly (had broken at some stage). So now transferring between accounts is nice and quick.

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