Copying blobs between Azure accounts with AzureCopy

One feature in AzureCopy which was never fully implemented was being able to copy between 2 different Azure accounts while using the CopyBlob API. Everything was there *except* for the Shared Access Signature generation for the source URL. This has now been rectified. The fix has been checked into Github and will go into the next Nuget/command releases whenever they’re made.

So from a practical point of view you can now enter 2 AzureAccountKey “secrets” one for source and one for target (these are called SrcAzureAccountKey and TargetAzureAccountKey funnily enough). You can then issue the command:


azurecopy –i

“” –o

“” –blobcopy


This will copy from account1 to account2 and use the fantastic Azure CopyBlob API which means your bandwidth will not be used (direct DC to DC copy).

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