Simplifying AzureCopy Authentication

I’ve been encouraged to put some serious work into adding Dropbox support into AzureCopy. While going through the authentication/authorization side of things I decided to neaten up the medusa mess that is the Skydrive auth. Currently I can’t find a way to avoid cracking open a browser to perform these steps but now at least it’s far easier to do.

For Skydrive auth, you simply run AzureCopy with the –configskydrive flag.


You simply need to copy and paste the URL on the console into a browser and login. Then you copy part of the resulting URL into the console and hit enter. AzureCopy will then modify the configuration file so you’ll never have to do that again. Ugly yes, but at least you no longer have to look up instructions or modify config files manually.


Dropbox configuration is even easier.


Again, you copy and paste the URL from the console into a browser, once you’ve done that you simply hit enter in the console (no copy/paste required) and the config file is modified and again,  you should never have to come back to it.


So Dropbox auth is now complete and the client lib I’m using (DropNet) looks very straight forward to use. With any luck I’ll get basic read/write going over the weekend for people to start trying out.

Fun times….. Smile

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