Sharepoint Online support in AzureCopy

Sharepoint Online (and probably regular Sharepoint, but I haven’t tested) support is now available with AzureCopy 0.12. So now AzureCopy handles local filesystem, Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3, Skydrive and Sharepoint! Dropbox soon to follow!

The basic functionality of listing, reading and writing files/blobs are working. Many optimisations are planned to improve the performance and experience but at least the essentials are working Smile

The Nuget package has not been updated yet (publishing key issues) but will be done soon.

New parameters added are –SharepointUser (-spu) and –SharepointPassword.

For example, copying from Sharepoint Online to Azure Blob Storage is as easy as:

azurecopy.exe  -i “ Documents/ken.PNG” –o “”

(with the login details in the config file obviously).

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