Revisiting “99 Problems” in C#

A few years ago I was always after new coding problems just to keep my dev skills up to scratch. Two of my favourite ways of doing this was coding up solutions to “99 Problems” and “Project Euler”. I hadn’t touched either of these in a while and thought it would be good to go back and revisit how I’d solve the problems now as opposed to just a few years ago. Have I learned much since then? Am I a better developer? No idea, but I’d like to think YES.

I started again on Project Euler but soon remembered why I got slightly bored with the problems. The problems are targeted more at your math skills than your coding skills (and my math skills aren’t particularly good). Can I remember much about primes? Not really. Every time I need to do something with them I have to hit Wikipedia again.

So 99 Problems it is then. Smile

I’ll be updating my old 99 Problems Github repo with each of the solutions. One thing to note, I’m going to try and be completely practical about the answers. I know the problems are often setup so you have to code your own solution to the problem, and that’s a good thing. But, if the language I’m going to use (C#) has a built in function/method/class to solve the problem, I’m going to use it. Maybe given time I’ll go back and see if I can code my own way around the problem but for now I want to treat it as if it was a regular project and NOT just a mental exercise.

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