Skydrive integration with AzureCopy.

AzureCopy has been making good headway of late. I now have support for Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, local filesystem and now SkyDrive! Integration is not complete but the core two pieces of functionality (read blobs, write blobs) are now working.

I’ve release version which has all the new bits.

The one “klunky” bit of Skydrive integration with a console app is the OAuth authentication. For this, the user needs to load up the Skydrive login page with a redirection url that points to my domain. With the resulting URL you copy/paste an element to the AzureCopy config file and away you go.


Things I have learned:


1) SkyDrive API is quite nice, but it gives you the basic building blocks. Anything more complex you need to write yourself. (yes, I’m looking at you Mr traversing subdirectories!!)

2) The basics of OAuth (code, access token, refresh token, client secrets etc) are finally sticking in my head. Never thought that would happen.


As usual, the code is here and the binary is here

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