AzureCopy update.

*EDIT* Fixed binary link

A few updates have been added to AzureCopy program.

Firstly when copying to Azure you can specify the -blobcopy parameter which tells Azure itself to do the copying directly from the source location to the Azure datacentre. This means that if you’re copying from one internet location (say S3) to Azure, then all the traffic is going between the two datacentres and NOT via your machine. Saving bandwidth, sounds good ‘eh?

The “CopyBlob” API is asynchronous. This means that AzureCopy will complete before the blobs have actually completed copying. This may be fine, but if you’d prefer to monitor the status of the blobs as they copy you can supply the -m flag to the command. This will force AzureCopy to wait and monitor the copying.

Another recent change has been the ability to specify the blob type if the destination is Azure Blob Storage (dont forget, Azure has Page and Block blobs). This can be set by the -destblobtype flag (eg, -destblobtype page or -destblobtype block). This is only used if the destination is Azure AND the source was NOT Azure (if the source was Azure then we use the blob type of the source).

Version 0.5 is released and is available here and the source here

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