FAST Search for Sharepoint adding managed properties to the search results

I always always forget this….  drives me mental how much I do it, but always forget the steps.


So, in future…  read this for a reminder on how to display managed properties..



Scala to C# port: part 2

Well have definitely found my C# paint point. Or maybe it’s just me not knowing C# well enough yet, but the biggest thing I’m missing so far from Scala is the brilliant pattern matching I’ve got used too. In particular pattern matching with regexes.

While trying to parse a SQL ‘like’ language, I’ve got various chunks of code such as:


statement match {

      case orTermNotEnd( field, value, rest ) =>


        returnRest = rest

        nodes ::= processOrStatement( field, value )



      case orTermEnd( field, value ) =>


        nodes ::= processOrStatement( field, value )



      case greaterRegexEnd( field, value ) =>



        var node = createNode( field, gtOp, value )

        nodes ::= node







which is very very useful.  But so far for C# I’ve had to put in a lot of nested if statements. Which at best is ugly…  but has many other down sides.


Scala to C# port.

Given my currently employer is *cough* rather keen on C#, .NET etc…  I’ve decided to port over a few work related projects done in my spare time from Scala to C#.

Ideally I’d stick with Scala but if I actually want to get my projects infront of people and actually use them, then .NET based language it must be.

So far the porting has been really quite straight forward. I *was* expecting to see the code bloat out quite a bit, but I’m not seeing this at all. (I strongly suspect it’s due to my original Scala not being that great in the first place… and NOT “functional” in the least).

Am definitely interested in the runtime performance of this both on mono on OSX as well as “real” .NET 4 on Windows Server 2008 R2. Just the day to day use of C# on .NET/mono always makes it feel so much faster than the JVM. No proof yet, just a “feeling”.